Since its founding RICH have had numerous Successful interventions in the health promotion, Among them we can cite:

  •  Advocacy and awareness raising interventions to engage religious leaders in health promotion: consultation meetings with high level religious leaders on their engagement in health promotion.
  •  Establishment of district interfaith committees (in all 30 districts) for promotion of health.
  • Development of Sermon guides based on Holy Scriptures from the bible and Qur’an to support health intervention:

 Infant and maternal health sermon guide

 Early Childhood development sermon guide.

  • Active member of national, regional and international committees of health promotion

 Member of the steering committee of the International conference on Family planning.
 Member of the national health sector technical working group in Ministry of health
 Member of the early childhood development technical working group in MIGEPROF
 Member of the East African health platform
 Member of East African Interreligious council and chair of the Rwandan Interreligious council.
 Content advisory group (CAG) member of  ITETERO on integrated ECD messaging
 Content advisory group (CAG) member of URUNANA development Communication on health                                    messaging

  • Raising awareness on sexual and reproductive health rights, HIV, TB and Malaria’s prevention and            response mechanisms:

 Counselling of married couples and discordant couples
 Awareness raising campaigns and trainings of youth on HIV, TB and malaria prevention
 Support to community health workers on spreading key messages to the general population.
 Organization of World AIDS day’s related activities in districts
 Training of peer educators on HIV, TB and Malaria

  • Organization and Participation in meetings, workshops and conferences at national and                              international level:
     Participation in the launching of the “ALL IN” campaign in Rwanda.
     Participation in the celebration of Worlds AIDS Day.
     Participation to the HIV, TB and Malaria NSP extenson workshop
     Development of HIV national operation plan (2018-2020)
     Joint supervision of activities funded by the GF
     Participation in PEPFAR country operational plan 2017
     Participation in the National Symposiums on early Childhood development.
     Participation in District Joint Action Development Forum (JADF)
  • Sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) awareness and Sexual and gender based violence                prevention (SGBV) and response mechanisms:
     Awareness campaigns
     Engagement of community members through agent of changes and champions on SRHR and SGBV prevention and responses.
     Close collaboration and support to Isange One stop centers
     Psychological and financial support to SGBV victims

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