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The Rwanda Interfaith Council on Health (RICH) was established in 2003 under the name of “Rwanda Network of Religious Organizations against HIV&AIDS (RCLS)” as a non-profit making organization to fight HIV and AIDS by ensuring effective coordination of FBOs interventions for the response to HIV&AIDS in Rwanda. Although the Network was initiated for HIV, it is now involved in other health issues such as family planning, maternal and infant health, malaria, tuberculosis, nutrition, hygiene, and non-communicable diseases. This change was due to the expansion of scope of work from the HIV response that was the initial mission to the Health Promotion in general.

The Rwanda Interfaith council on Health is therefore a network of religious denominations for the promotion of health in Rwanda.  The religious organizations which compose RICH are grouped in six confessional groups:

  1. The Catholic Church in Rwanda
  2. The Anglican Church in Rwanda,
  3. The Protestant Council of Rwanda,
  4. The Evangelical Alliance of Rwanda,
  5. The Rwanda Muslim Community,
  6. Fédération des Eglises Protestantes Reformées au Rwanda (FEPR).

The representatives of these denominations (Bishops and Archbishops)  compose RICH ‘s board of directors, they provide RICH a high advantage of having wise, skilled and influencing leaders who shape RICH’s directions and interventions on  a regular basis.

Through its constituancy religious denominations RICH has direct access to more than 90% of Rwandans because the followers of the 6 religious denominations which form RICH account for more than 90% of Rwandans. (NISR, 2012) This shows how large of an audience can be reached through the interventions channeled in RICH. The advantage of working with religious leaders can’t be summarized to the extent of their followers, it also encompasses many factors among which their level of trusts as opinion leaders as well as their Closeness to all communities, those in municipalities and  those in the most remote areas in the country.


A healthy nation in which Religious-Based Organizations are united for health and peace.


The main mission of Rwanda Interfaith Council on Health (RICH) is to promote the participation of religious-Based Organizations in promoting health.

This is achieved through:

  • Coordination of faith-based actions aiming to promote health;
  • Promotion of good partnership among its members and other health promotion stakeholders;
  • Advocacy for policies that promote community health;
  • Capacity building of members to effectively fulfill their responsibilities with regards to health promotion

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